Custom-built computers

Custom-built computers

Over the years I’ve found that leading PC stores offer expensive ready-built computers that don’t offer the best hardware. Their ‘top of the range’ offers are expensive and so I’ve been custom-building my own computers, which offers higher quality performance at 1/3 of the price offered in stores.

Need a custom-built computer building?

Whether for office, gaming or film editing needs, I can build the computer for your requirements which comes with Windows 10 Home or Professional installed.

All you need is your existing Windows 10 product key or Microsoft account from your previous computer.


1,800 GBP

PROCESSORIntel Core i9 10900k
RAM64GB RAM (2x 32GB RAM 3600MHz)
MOTHERBOARDMSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI Motherboard ATX, LGA1200, DDR4 (max RAM 1128GB), LAN, 802.11ax WiFi 6 + Bluetooth 5.1, USB 3.2, Lightning USB, Type C, M.2, RGB, DisplayPort, HDMI, Gen 4 Ready, 10th Gen Intel Core
GRAPHICSMSI Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 2GH LP OC


To customise your build, please fill in this form for a quote.

Quotations also offered for website design

Any other enquiries can be sent using the form below.

One thought on “Custom-built computers

  1. My computer was so out of date that an important program used for business stopped working.

    The new computer built is fantastic.

    Thank you


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